Sunday, 29 May 2011

Miss Them..... :(

Hey guys!!! Even we have a problem before,i can't lie 2 my self,i really miss u guys. Every night,i always remember about many things we are doing together before,jog together,eat together,you know,i really miss that,it makes me crazy when i think about that,damn crazy. I'm sorry about a thing before,really sorry guys,i know i can't fix that,i'm not god you know. But for now, i am trying,try to fix that slowly,very slowly. Hope can meet all of you as soon as possible,i have many thing to say. Sorry guys,miss all of you.....     :')

Terima Kasih Kakak Izah.....!!!

kakak!!! thanks for every thing,dari awal hingga hari ini,terharu sgt. Kakak baik sangat,layan adik malam ni,terima kasih banyak-banyak.harap-harap hubungan kita penuh dengan kemanisan,kegembiraan. :)  tak sangka pulak dapat chat dengan kakak,bersyukur sangat-sangat ni,tak terhingga rasenya,hee.. kalau di pikir,adik ni macam tergesa je kan,tapi adik memang ikhlas... takde ape-ape yang tersirat pun,jujur je ni,harap kakak dapat terima adik seadanya,, terima kasih kakak.

thank you very much..... triple smile :)))

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Since i came in to kolej universiti islam antarabangsa selangor (kuis) last month,i already meet so many people. Either older or younger than me,but what i want to share today is about girl student. :) It is not about girl friend but it is about sister,i did not know how to explain but i will try. Since came in,i saw many girl that i can call sister with different type of personality,but actually mostly they are not like what they are,and i'm like "what the?" this the outside world? or inside world?

But besides that,one sister make me crazy,hahaa,came hear for study la,did not do the same like the old one,but seriously,she makes me crazy,i'm like "wah!!!" and like "wait sister!!!"  hahahahahaa,looks,already crazy,hahaa,and one more,hope we can talk to each other..... :)


Thank You Mr Raj

Preparatory english 1 class with Mr Raj,i want to thank you Mr Raj for yesterday class,i've never been exciting like i am yesterday for english subject. Before this,for me,english subject is a boring subject,have to learn so many things,you know like grammar,nouns,verb,and much more,but started my first class with you,it makes me feel something for english,it makes my sense come out,you know something like that,i'm very proud of u Mr Raj,i want to thank you very very very much,

hope u can read this Mr Raj even my english worst,hahaa.....

Friday, 27 May 2011

New Student

This time,i just want to thank to all new student include me,because ukhwah between student first intake this year for me very tite,we always respect each other,smile to each other,i appriciated that. Even the senior pernah kata tiada ukhwah between us,but for me,for now,we show to them that they was wrong. thank you guys,keep it up!!!

Taaruf Week

Nothing special,just same like other taaruf program or what ever. But this time i'm the "mas'ull". In malay its mean ketua,kapten and so on la. For me,this taaruf program quite little wierd,this IPT man,why the program like all of us are in secondary school? Of course la,all of you have so many reason doing this. But who cares man? No one cares,just came and study man,haish,got to go la,actually i did not care the new one,we need respect in organization not forcement.. haisshhhh,byeee.....

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